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> On 2014-10-18 13:21, Freddie Cash wrote:
> > On Oct 18, 2014 3:54 AM, "Mark Martinec" <mark.martinec+free...@ijs.si>
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> If the purpose of having a none cipher is to have a fast
> >> file transfer, then one should be using  sysutils/bbcp
> >> for that purposes. Uses ssd for authentication, and
> >> opens unencrypted channel(s) for the actual data transfer.
> >> It's also very fast, can use multiple TCP streams.
> >
> > That's an interesting alternative to rsync, scp, and ftp, but doesn't
> help
> > with zfs send/recv which is where the none cipher really shines.
> >
> > Without the none cipher, SSH becomes the bottleneck limiting transfers to
> > around 400 Mbps on a gigabit LAN. With the none cipher, the network
> becomes
> > the bottleneck limiting transfers to around 920 Mbps on the same gigabit
> > LAN.
> >
> > This is between two 8-core AMD Opteron 6200 systems using igb(4) NICs.
> Actually, looking into it, the bbcp command can support a pipe at each
> end instead of files, so you can actually do a zfs send | zfs receive
> via bbcp, and use multiple concurrent connections, to get around TCP
> window stuff when going transatlantic
> I am going to be trying it out shortly.
> Note: the other big improvement in newer ssh is the HPN stuff, that is
> switched on since 9.2 I think.

​After much finagling and testing, I have managed to incorporate bbcp into
my ZFS send/recv script.  And it works much better than regular, encrypted
SSH in my setup.

Regular SSH transfers tended to top out around 400 Mbps, using 100% of 1
CPU.  Was not able to get the multi-threadded AES cipher working.

SSH connections using the NONE cipher saturated the gigabit link with
minimal CPU usage.

And a bbcp connection is currently running between 500-800 Mbps (depending
on the size of the snpashot), also with minimal CPU usage.

NOTE:  I expect this be running much better next week, as the receiving
pool is currently resilvering a drive, slowing everything down.

Got things working using the following bbcp command format:

bbcp -N io "zfs send -I pool/fs@snap1 pool/fs@snap2" username@remotesys:"zfs
recv -d pool"

Have not played with any of the myriad tuning options for bbcp.  Just
wanted to see if I could get it to work, and how an untuned connection
compared to an untuned SSH connection (with and without NONE cipher).  So
far, I'm impressed.

​Thanks for the suggestion.  It's another tool in the box.  :)​

Freddie Cash
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