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> See <https://jenkins.freebsd.org/jenkins/job/FreeBSD_HEAD/1766/changes>
> Changes:
> [ngie] Commit missing header for sys/time.h compat on NetBSD to unbreak the 
> amd64/i386
> build
> Pointyhat to: me (forgot to svn add it sooner)
> [ngie] As an optimization (in simple, well used cases) only call cat 
> ${.ALLSRC} when
> generating files from various sources instead of calling cat ${.ALLSRC} | sed
> The perl case was skipped because it's not being used in the tree at this time
> [tychon] Improve the ability to cancel an in-flight request by using an
> interrupt, via SIGCONT, to force the read or write system call to
> return prematurely.
> Reviewed by:  grehan
> [ngie] Add reachover Makefiles for contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc; this adds 
> approximately
> 500 new testcases
> Various TODOs have been sprinkled around the Makefiles for items that even 
> need
> to be ported (missing features), testcases have issues with building/linking, 
> or
> issues at runtime.
> A variant of this code has been tested extensively on amd64 and i386
> 10-STABLE/11-CURRENT for several months without issue. It builds on other
> architectures, but the code will remain off until I have prove it works on
> virtual hardware or real hardware on other architectures

        This failure is because of the changes I just added and the fact that 
ATF was just upgraded to 0.2.1. I’ll fix this ASAP.
Thank you...

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