As announced a week ago, vt(4) is now the default console driver in
11-CURRENT as of r274085.

You may have to update your console settings in /etc/rc.conf. During
boot, /etc/rc.d/syscons will indicate what you need to do.

The original HEADS UP mentioned several known issues. Among them, the
following were fixed:

    o  A video mode can be selected using the following tunable in

       This only works when using a KMS video driver. It's not
       supported by the VGA backend. See vt(4) man page for further

    o  The keyboard was not working when kbdmux(4) was disabled. This
       is fixed.

    o  After loading a KMS driver, the text cursor was in the middle of
       the kernel messages. The problem was that the cursor position was
       not updated after the change in window size. This is fixed.

Up-to-date information can be found on the wiki page:

If you want to keep using syscons(4), you can add the following line to

Thank you to everyone who tested and reported problems! Please continue
to do so, especially if you find the need to go back to syscons.

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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