Thus spake Soren Schmidt ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> Ehm, is that a warning you have written or ?? I certainly havn't
> issued this warning as the maintainer/author of the ata driver...

It's in /usr/src/UPDATING.

     $FreeBSD: src/UPDATING,v 1.77 2000/04/04 17:14:18 imp Exp $

> a long time, its works with all disks and ATAPI devices I have access to
> on the MVP3 chaintec board I have...

Yes, I can verify this. It works here too. I think I'll just update.

> So, I need a verbose boot from a working kernel, and the same from
> a system that shows the problem from a newer kernel to be able to
> tell if there is an issue here...

I'm going to update and check for you.


I need a new ~/.sig.

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