Jamie Landeg-Jones wrote:
> "Julian H. Stacey" <j...@berklix.com> wrote:
> > Any tips for Android / FreeBSD BSD tools for connectivity etc ?
> I mainly use nfs / ssh (dropbear) / scp for connectivity over IPv6 to my
> local FreeBSD server. It works quite well - I even have automated cron
> rsync deduped backups!
> NFS is used for mounting my media onto
> /sdcard/Videos
> /sdcard/Music
> /sdcard/Pictures
> Not all androids come with nfs in the kernel though,

NFS [& AMD] [& SSH] would be ideal for me.

I had a look on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with Android 4.4.2 kernel
3.4.0, & skimmed index of the 182 page pdf, but I dont know how to
tell if mine has NFS ? Or how to get it.
I get no umass & /dev/da* I probably need to tweak my android somehow.

For Per who wrote "For tethering I have no idea, sorry." I have usb
tethering working :-) if you want it too, see below.
My android browser over USB does read from httpd on my FreeBSD :-)

Thank to all who have contributed info & URLS etc.  Collated at:
Corrections, additions etc welcome.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix C Sys Eng Consultant Munich http://berklix.com
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