On 10 Nov 2014, at 19:54, Chris H <bsd-li...@bsdforge.com> wrote:
> Apologies. That may not have been the best choice of titles.
> What I'm trying to determine, is what is the very least I will
> require in base, to actually build a userland build environment.
> NOTE; this all concerns -CURRENT (recent 11).
> Point being, while I recognize that clang/llvm is the default on
> 10+. I have been building/installing world/kernel with
> make.conf(5)
> src.conf(5)
> on RELENG_8, and RELENG_9, and 11 (as of 1 mos ago)
> Everything worked as anticipated. But a recent (5 days ago)
> build/install on -CURRENT. Followed by a make delete-old
> _seemed_ to have an adverse affect. More specifically;
> having used the above declarations always resulted in the
> make delete-old removing clang from base. Which was fine. As
> I had intended to experiment with the different versions of
> lang/clang, and devel/llvm, via installing from ports. But my
> recent attempt using the above method, resulted in my being
> unable to build many ports. x11/* mostly. I ran into problems
> with "xmmintrin.h" not being found. Or other problems, where
> declarations were not supported in gcc(4.8,4.9, or 5). So what
> exactly *must* be installed in base to allow for a more
> *granular* approach to testing/building?
> Used to be IIRC, fmake, or bmake. But that's likely a pretty
> dated recollection.

On recent -CURRENT, to build world using the version of gcc in base, and
to not build or use the version of clang in base at all, you need at
least the following settings in your src.conf:

WITH_GCC=x                 # Enables building gcc for the final world
WITH_GCC_BOOTSTRAP=x       # Enables building gcc during cross-tools
WITH_GNUCXX=x              # Enables building libstdc++ and libsupc++
WITHOUT_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP=x  # Disables building clang during cross-tools
WITHOUT_CLANG=x            # Disables building clang for the final world
WITHOUT_CLANG_IS_CC=x      # Links gcc to /usr/bin/cc, /usr/bin/c++, etc.

Note that you can delete WITHOUT_CLANG from your make.conf, just like
other WITH_ and WITHOUT_ settings.  These only belong in src.conf.


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