On 11/13/2014 12:04 PM, Chris H wrote:
> OK. I'm on 11 (r274393 amd64, custom kernel. fresh world)
> svn info /usr/ports -- r372460
> src, and make.conf were both empty.
> While building a port, lang/gcc48, and lang/gcc-ecj45 were
> sucked in as dependency. During the building of one of them
> (ecj45?) I noticed a (core dumped). I was unable to capture
> the context of the event. But decided to make deinstall both.
> Followed by a pkg install of both. The ecj45 installed w/o
> issue. But gcc48 failed with gcc48-4.8.4.s20141030.txz: Forbidden.
> Why?
> Thank you for all your time, and consideration.

Was this error from 'pkg install' during the fetch phase? I'd suggest
just trying again, the mirror may have been updating at the time. 'pkg
update -f' and try again.

Bryan Drewery

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