On 11/15/14, 11:56 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
In message <5467af7a.2080...@mu.org>, Alfred Perlstein writes:

I resent your implications.  Seriously I do.

There was no intent to be childish or anything as such.
Well, you were, and intentional or not, you're wasting
a hell of a lot of peoples time right now.

See also: www.bikeshed.org

I do not believe it wasteful of people's time to give them to tools to do the job they asked for.

Poul, be careful, there comes a time that when everything minor seems childish, and you start slinging it as an insult left and right, that it is quite possible that you've gone too far in the opposite of the spectrum, that being a cantankerous old fart. Take inventory.

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