On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 10:14:34AM -0400, Kenneth Wayne Culver wrote:
> It was working perfectly about 10 days ago. It stopped working right after
> one or two major commits. And also, it's in 5.0-CURRENT, not 4.0

I fully agree with this statement ... I am having some of the same weird
things ahppening to sound on my GUS MAX since (i think) the first major
commit that was supposed to fix some issues with pcm. After that all my wav
files seem to skip the first x frames of sound. (where everything has just
worked perfectly before that specific commit.)

take a soundfile like this:

1234567890     plays as     67890
1234           plays as     <silence>

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  Managers know it must be good because the programmers hate it so much.

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