On Friday, November 21, 2014 01:56:32 PM Roman Divacky wrote:
> Hi all!
> In an effort to help import clang3.5 I looked at squeezing a few more bytes
> from boot2.
>         http://rys.vlakno.cz/~rdivacky/boot2.diet.patch
> Please test and review the patch. It survived my qemu boot attempt so it's
> not completely broken. But I would like to have some more testing and review
> comments before I move forward with this.
> Fwiw, it shrinks boot2 by 16 bytes when compiled with clang34 and by 28
> bytes when compiled with clang35.

I would prefer 'int k' over 'int i2/j2'.  Also, do you really have to move
the variable definitions to get the size change?  I'd prefer to leave the
variable declarations where they are if possible (and just add 'int k' or
'size_t k' in the existing variable blocks).

John Baldwin
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