> > <wishlist>
> > Not sure if this is a silly question or not, but could the kernel somehow
> > view a specific dir on a ext2fs disk as the freebsd root and boot a
> > freebsd system from it?  Also being able to access the stuff below the
> I think there's a more general need to have a loader variable which
> you can set for "chrootdir", that being the subdirectory of the rootfs
> which becomes "/".  Such a feature would be good for a lot more than
> just hosting a FreeBSD system inside your existing Red Hat
> installation. :)  Booting multiple versions of FreeBSD without having
> to play partition games comes to mind..

What sort of fallback behaviour would you want in case of error here?  
Calling chroot() inside the kernel before invoking init would be fairly 
easy, and I think that's all you'd need to get DWIM behaviour.  (It might 
not be perfect, but it'd be pretty damn close.)

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