If memory serves me right, Visigoth wrote:

>       It seems that there may be a small socket implementation issue
> with freebsd 4-Stable.  I have been in disscussion with a few people from
> the isc bind 9 bug tracking department, and it seems that for the macro
> CMSG_NXTHDR to function in freebsd , the macro ALIGN must be 
> defined.

We went through this exact same issue about six weeks ago, the problem 
being that pchar (a network measurement utility I wrote) needed the 
CMSG_* macros and started failing to build under 4.0-CURRENT.  (I 
needed these macros for IPv6.)

I lost track of the discussion for several reasons, but you can check
the -current mailing list archives (look for CMSG_NXTHDR or some such
thing like this).  According to a very quick perusal of the CVS 
repository, it hasn't been solved yet.  (i.e. FreeBSD still requires 
<sys/param.h> for CMSG_* to work properly.)

Yoshinobu Inoue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is probably the best person 
to ask for more information on this.


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