On 30 Nov 2014, at 19:57, Dmitry Marakasov <amd...@amdmi3.ru> wrote:
> * Dimitry Andric (d...@freebsd.org) wrote:
>> We're working on updating llvm, clang and lldb to 3.5.0 in head.
>> This is quite a big update again, and any help with testing is
>> appreciated.
> Well, of 4 error logs from exp-run I've checked (one my port and 3
> unmaintained ports) two had basically the same problem and it seems
> to be libc++ related, so I ask: was new version of libc++ imported
> along with clang/llvm?

No, I really prefer to do this after the 3.5.0 import.  This is already
a very big import job, and I'd rather like to avoid importing too many
different components at once.

> Past experience show that libc++ should be
> updated along with clang, as it may have bugs new clang versions
> are not tolerable to.

In this case, there is a fairly simple fix:

I have pulled this into head in r275366, and also merged it to the
clang350-import project branch in r275367.  Please try again after that
revision.  It should be enough to just rebuild lib/libc++ and install


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