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"Lundberg, Johannes" <johan...@brilliantservice.co.jp> пишет:

> Waking up an old thread here but I thought I'd share what I've
> learned.
> I think I found out what caused both tearing and crashing when I used
> OpenGL.
> Since I changed from using xcompmgr to compton with following options
> compton --backend glx --vsync opengl-swc --paint-on-overlay
> --glx-no-stencil -b
> I have never had a crash or tearing. Have no idea why this is but I
> am just happy I don't get hung GPU anymore.

I am afraid that is not the case.
This method helps to reduce hang GPU to a minimum, but I have with all
the same settings for compton - sometimes it hangs timer GPU.

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