On Tue, 02 May 2000 17:14:31 +0200, Brad Knowles wrote:

> >  Sleepycats license is not FreeBSD compatible :-/
>       I don't understand.  Reading
> <http://www.sleepycat.com/license.net>, it seems to me that FreeBSD
> meets all the necessary requirements.  Can someone who understands the
> details of the licensing issues either explain the situation to me, or
> provide pointers to references that do?

This is taken from http://www.sleepycat.com/licensing.html:

        If you redistribute your application outside of your site and
        your source code is not freely available and redistributable by
        others, then you require a commercial license from Sleepycat

This means that the software's presence in FreeBSD makes FreeBSD
unsuitable for building and selling a black box solution.


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