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> Subject: [TTC] Installer Enhancement -- dpv
> NB: TTC subject-moniker can be either "Time To Commit" or "Threat To
> Commit"
> ;D (hoping to start a trend here)
> Heads-up,
> I'm getting itchy-fingers to commit the following:
> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D714
> Been sitting idle for 16 days, if it reaches 21 days with no outcry, I'm
> pulling it in.
> 5 days to raise opposition (which I guarantee to receive collegially; no
> worries).
> NB: The patch was reviewed and approved once-before by julian; the only
> thing that changed between prior approval/review was that I ripped
> dpv/libdpv/libfigpar out into a separate commit and then rebased the
> changes
> to bsdinstall into a [vastly] smaller differential review. So we're not
> talking about pushing unreviewed code into the tree (just wanted to make
> that clear) -- rather that it's just been sitting in the unreviewed state
> because of the rebase.

An important note:

Glen Barber has produced some new snapshots which contain the
new dpv utility (the TTC is on some code which would teach
bsdinstall to use said new dpv code).

So if you want to give the subject matter a spin, you can load up

Do random stuff like:

# How fast does "yes" produce output (in lines/sec)?
time yes | dpv -lN 1000000000:yes

# How fast are my disks at enumerating [full] metainfo?
find / -ls 2> /dev/null | time dpv -l find

# How fast is /dev/random vs /dev/urandom vs /dev/zero (in bytes/sec)?
# aka: How fast can I read 1 Billion bytes from random, urandom, and zero?
(3 Billion bytes total)
time dpv -mN 1000000000:random /dev/random 1000000000:urandom /dev/urandom
1000000000:zero /dev/zero

# Watch "find" output rate while saving  a copy of the output to
find / 2> /dev/null | dpv -lo /tmp/find_root find

There are more examples in the dpv(1) manual (man dpv).

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