In the last episode (May 02), Forrest Aldrich said:
> I've been curious about this.  Would someone clarify what in this
> license prevents FreeBSD from including it, at some level?

Basically, the part that says 

> If you redistribute your application outside of your site and your
> source code is not freely available and redistributable by others,
> then you require a commercial license from Sleepycat Software.
> Contact us for commercial licensing terms and pricing.

.. means that a user that wanted to use FreeBSD in a commercial
application would not be able to simply sell his product; he would have
to get a license from Sleepycat.

Since FreeBSD use Berkeley DB for passwd.db and other system databases,
we would have to provide DB 3 for non-commercial users and DB 1.85 for
commercial users.  Neither DB 2 or 3 provide any features that FreeBSD
needs (concurrent multi-user modification and transactions), so there's
no great need to replace our current DB.

Another big personal minus for me is that neither DB 2 or DB 3 will
compile at all under DOS, so I can't write portable programs with them.

        Dan Nelson

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