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> The rotating swirlie ('-/|\') in the loader accounts for a surprisingly
> large part of our boot time on systems with slow-ish serial consoles.
> I think right now it takes a step for each 512 byte read, reducing that
> to once every 64kB or even 1MB would be an improvement with the kind of
> kernel sizes we have today.
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My wish would be to see listing explicit steps because when a lock occurs
it would be possible to report last completed ( or started ) step .
Otherwise , actually seeing a swirling set of characters is itself not much
useful other than showing there is a progress without understanding what is
going on .

If I were able to change anything in FreeBSD , my first choice would be to
change these swirling characters to list explicit names of completed tasks
( or  starting tasks which operating system developers would know best
which one is more useful ) .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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