Dimitry Andric writes:

>  >    - Could a "MK_CLANG_ALL_TARGETS" or something similar option be
>  > added to src.opts.mk to fine tune this process for those of us who
>  > don't want to build a cross-compile toolchain every iteration for our
>  I would be fine with something like this, as long as it is turned off by
>  default, or if it is only used for the bootstrap stages.  It is actually
>  an extremely useful feature of clang that you can target multiple
>  architectures with one compiler binary.

        Point of information: this seems useful for developers, and
(almost entirely) useless for everyone else.  Are there other
cohorts that want this badly?
        If that's correct, and there's a simple switch for
configuration ... why should this default to what's useful for the
(much?) smaller number of people?  About what am I ignorant?


                        Robert Huff
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