Eitan, colleagues,

any objection to adding this (now almost standard, while not registered), port 
5480 to /etc/services?

simple patch (I'm not sure about SCTP):

marck@castor:/FreeBSD/pristine/src.current/etc> svn diff
Index: services
--- services    (revision 275952)
+++ services    (working copy)
@@ -2345,6 +2345,8 @@
 mdns           5353/udp   #Multicast DNS
 postgresql     5432/tcp   #PostgreSQL Database
 postgresql     5432/udp   #PostgreSQL Database
+vami           5480/tcp   #VMware Appliance Management Interface, HTTPS-like
+vami           5480/udp   #VMware Appliance Management Interface, HTTPS-like
 rplay          5555/udp
 amqp           5672/sctp  #AMQP
 amqp           5672/tcp   #AMQP

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