I just committed the patch that removes the old NFS client
and server from the kernel.
As such, builds with kernel options NFSCLIENT or NFSSERVER
will no longer work.
The modules: nfsclient, nfsserver, nfs_common and dtnfsclient
       have been removed.

I did bump __FreeBSD_version so that the modules will be

I did not delete the .h files in sys/nfsclient and sys/nfsserver
since some userland utilites in the src tree still include them.
(There are also probably some out-of-tree ports that include them,
 so I am in no hurry to remove them.)

I will commit a entry for UPDATING in a few minutes.

sys/modules/dtrace/dtraceall.c still refers to NFSCLIENT in
one place. I want to change that as a separate commit, so
I can MFC that change back to stable/10 and stable/9.
(I'm waiting for a review from the guy who committed this

I hope this won't cause grief, but I will revert it if it
causes problems.

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