So far from what I can tell, two modules don't get built for some reason.

* sys/boot/i386/boot2
I built and installed this manually:

* usr/sbin/mtree
This is missing, and usr.sbin/mtree gives fmtree. Trying
from contrib/mtree results in:
/usr/local/libexec/ccache/world/clang -O2 -pipe   -DNDEBUG -std=gnu99 
-fstack-protector   -Qunused-arguments -c compare.c
compare.c:61:10: fatal error: 'rmd160.h' file not found
#include <rmd160.h>

That file seems to be one of sys/opencrypto/rmd160.h or lib/libnetbsd/rmd160.h, 
but at this point I'm stumped. Did this have anything to do with Herbert's 
I had cleaned out my poudriere amd64 jail, and mtree is needed for pkg 
building. I finally resorted to copying the two-week old mtree binary from 
/usr/sbin to the poudriere jail.

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