Since 23rd's update of CURRENT, the kernel fails to boot on systems that boot 
via EFI.
Systems with legacy booting seem not to be affected.

I just ran today into the problem updating a notebook with a Intel Haswell 
Intel i5-4200M
CPU (Haswell) on a Lenovo ThinkPad E540, bboting via UEFI, CURRENT r276200. The 
very same
caode base is running on several other boxes which boot via legacy method. The 
very same
failure showed up at the lab on an older HP Compaq 8300 system, based on H81 
equipted with an Ivy-Bridge CPU, booting also via EFI. That box stops at the 
exact same
spot as the notebook does.

The systems in question, also the legacy booting systems (aka the oldstyle 
loader boot
method), load drm2, i915kms.

Booting old kernel/modules (via "boot kernel.old"), at CURRENT r275896 is all 

What is happening here?

Merry christmas day,


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