A thread on got me checking into this, and now 
I've gotten very curious.  From what I can determine, it looks like 
what is integrated into FreeBSD is Berkeley db 1.85 (in 
/usr/src/libc/db), although there is a port for 2.7.7 in 

        Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that db 1.85 is 
pretty widely known to be broken in a number of ways (see 
<>), and I'm wondering what it 
would take to get this updated to at least 2.x, if not make the jump 
all the way to 3.x (currently at 3.0.55, according to 

        On a related issue, as another Berkeley alumni, how easy would it 
be for Keith to get committer access to FreeBSD, assuming he wanted 
it (and doesn't have it already ;-)?

        Out of curiosity, is there a public list of all the people who 
have commit access to FreeBSD?


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