On 02/01/2015 01:23, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

you need the next line of source to see that while the union only defines 
Simple[1], the comparison goes up to SG_LIST (or something) which is indeed 
defined as 58.   Cn someone fix this?   This makes i386 compiles failing 

/scratch/tmp/bz/head.svn/sys/modules/asr/../../dev/asr/asr.c:1849:29: error: 
array index 58 is past the end of the array (which contains 1 element) 
         while ((len > 0) && (sg < &((PPRIVATE_SCSI_SCB_EXECUTE_MESSAGE)
/scratch/tmp/bz/head.svn/sys/dev/asr/i2omsg.h:934:8: note: array 'Simple' 
declared here
        I2O_SGE_SIMPLE_ELEMENT              Simple[1];
If that's wrong it looks like there's also a number of calls to the macro SG(SGL,Index,Flags,Buffer,Size) which are also wrong as Index is used in the same way:

There appears to be two calls to SG where Index is 1.

I'm afraid I have no idea what the fix would be as the entire driver is very voodoo like to me :(

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