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> When researching this machine a couple of weeks back, I saw somewhere that
> it was based on a similar existing PC-compatible Acer model, V3 or V5
> maybe, or the ES1 series (can't find the reference again, of course). But
> all of those with 11.6" displays look to have older or less powerful
> processors, typically the Celeron N2840.  The Celeron 2955 in the C720 is
> about 50% faster.
> The E3-111-P8DW has a faster CPU, but it is a third-generation N3530.
> Standard hard drive and socketed RAM, though.
No, N3530 is Baytrail too, a quad-core one. N2840 is dual-core. They are
both architecturally successsor of 'Atom' core family despite being
labelled Celeron or Pentium. The brands are good for Intel to differentiate
prices but useless for technical purpose. The same happens to AMD too.

Acer provides model variations in CPU, RAM, storage, display, etc.
according to geo markets. For example ES1-111 is only available with N2940
(another quad-core) here in Taiwan.

If you can find a quad-core Baytrail model and don't mind slower
single-thread performance, the E3 or ES1 series are easier to install
FreeBSD I guess. Total multi-thread performance are comparable.
And now prices do not differ much either, since Microsoft tax is lifted
from these new cheaper models to compete with Chromebooks.

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