I had a devops person who is familiar with setting up hundreds of
Linux nodes in cloud environment ask me what is the best way
to do unattended installs in a cloud environment.
Linux has kickstart installs, which are quite useful and popular.

What is the equivalent in FreeBSD?

In the sysinstall days, the sysinstall.cfg config file could be created
which drove large parts of the installer.  Now that sysinstall is gone,
what is the alternative?  Searching the web, I found two answers:

(1)  Write your own script
(2)  Use pc-sysinstall from the PC-BSD project

I am trying to work with a devops team who is very experienced
with setting up Linux environments in the cloud.  Based on the available
it is not clear to non-FreeBSD experts how to accomplish similar things
with FreeBSD.

By the way, I would be very interested in hearing from people who have
in installing, configuring, and upgrading hundreds or even thousands of
nodes in devops and cloud environments.  For people who are not FreeBSD
but who are Linux devops experts, is it easy to do, or is there a lot of
custom scripts which need to be written?

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