On 01/17/15 23:18, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 01/17/15 20:11, Jason Wolfe wrote:


Just to give a quick status update, this patch has most certainly
resolved our spin lock held too long panics on stable/10.

Thank you to JHB for spending some time digging into the issue and
leading us to td_slpcallout as the culprit, and HPS for your rewrite.
I had heard rumors of other being affected by similar issues, so this
seems like a fine candidate for an MFC if possible.


Hi Jason,

I'm glad to hear that my patch has resolved your issue and I'm happy we
now have a more stable system.

It was actually a co-worker at work which wrote some bad code which I
started debugging which then lead me to look at the callout subsystem.
One bug kills the other ;-)

I'm planning a MFC to 10-stable - yes, and will possibly add the
_callout_stop_safe() function to not break binary compatibility with
existing drivers as part of the MFC.



Here is a followup patch for the TCP stack like I mentioned in the beginning of the work done on the callout subsystem:


If someone has a setup for massive TCP testing please give it a spin.

Thank you!


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