On 2015-Jan-04 11:56:14 -0600, Bryan Venteicher <bry...@daemoninthecloset.org> 
>For the last few weeks, I've been working on adding support for KVM clock
>in the projects/paravirt branch. Currently, a KVM VM guest will end up
>selecting either the HPET or ACPI as the timecounter source. Unfortunately,
>this is very costly since every timecounter fetch causes a VM exit. KVM
>clock allows the guest to use the TSC instead; it is very similar to the
>existing Xen timer.

A somewhat late response but have you looked at
I've been running this[*] on a Google Compute Engine instance for about 6
months without problems.

[*] I had to patch out the test for KVM_FEATURE_CLOCKSOURCE_STABLE_BIT but
    I think that's a GCE issue.

Peter Jeremy

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