This is both a heads up and a, well, ok, and a solicitation.  I'll admit

    As many of you know I was a founder of BEST Internet, an ISP which was 
    eventually sold to Verio at the end of 1998.  I've also been extremely 
    active in the FreeBSD community.  Throughout 1999 I've been unwinding 
    from the BEST experience and starting in late 1999 my brother Ben
    and I began looking for a new startup opportunity... that is, an idea 
    which we could build a company around.  For the last few years Ben 
    had been a high muckity-muck at Macromedia doing business development 
    for their Flash! and other internet-related products.  Between us 
    we believe we have the necessary experience to build a new company.

    We came up with an idea and for the last several months have been working
    on funding.  We have started hiring.  The idea may seem mundane at first,
    but believe me it should be quite an interesting job from a programmer's
    perspective.  In a nutshell we will be doing a business-to-business
    ASP-based billing solution.  That is, handling the billing operations
    for client companies.  While we expect competition to grow in this area
    as time progresses much of the current potential competition is using
    a different focus then the approach we intend to take, and we think we 
    will do well in this area.  I have plenty of experience in this area 
    as I was the one who wrote the provisioning and billing system for BEST.
    The idea here is to create an ASP (i.e. web-based) solution that caters
    to small and mid-sized companies - other ASPs, ISPs, or any company
    which has a regular customer base.

    As I am sure many Bay Area technology startups are doing, we are at the
    point now where we need to flesh-out our engineering team.  Programmers
    are the most critical part of the team and at the moment we have two
    (Me, and a guy named Matt Titus) ((pps if your name doesn't begin with
    'Matt' it will not be held against you!).  While I consider myself a 
    very good programmer, this project is just a tad bigger then two people
    can handle.

    So we are starting to look for C programmers to help build the support
    libraries, CGI infrastructure for the web servers, database, and backend
    programs (e.g. such as generating and printing invoices).

    We will be using FreeBSD-4.x as the base platform for both the web and
    database servers, backend servers, and so forth.

    We will be based in EMERYVILLE (in between Berkeley and Oakland, just
    over the Bay Bridge from SF) and any interested parties would need to
    commute to Emeryville daily.  Medium-level pay, good options, medical
    benefits, and (I hope!) a good work environment are part of the deal.
    We are looking to fill several full-time programming slots.

    If anyone here is interested in exploring this opportunity, please


    (which will get to my brother Ben, who is handling the search for new 
    employees).  If you have any technical questions, email me directly
    ( [EMAIL PROTECTED] ).  If you want to scream about me posting a
    solicitation to -hackers, then scream at me ( [EMAIL PROTECTED] ).

    We are also looking for a good web page designer -- taking one look at
    what used to be my personal home page ( ) should make
    that fairly obvious :-).

    This is a formal, professional employment opportunity -- a true 
    'silicon valley' startup (except not based in silicon valley).

                                                Thanks Everyone!


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