On Thu, 2015-01-29 at 09:12 +0900, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> Ah now I see it has EDM connection. I didn't look carefully enough. All the
> images are with the expansion board attached..
> Spec-wise and portability-wise it seems like a good option but my hardware
> guy keeps warning me about Freescale that they often have hardware bugs and
> rather than fixing the bugs they pretend they are not there.. In other
> words, Freescale is good for software developers because of open
> documentation but not so for hardware manufactures. Any experiences with
> this?

The imx6 manuals include an errata list, so it would be good to check
that for anything specific that would matter to your projects.

For the devices we use in our products everything is good so far with
the hardware.  That's emmc, sdcard, ethernet, i2c, uarts, usb, and lots
of gpio (inputs and outputs).  The ethernet is gigabit but has a known
limitation of 40MB/s due to the bus it's connected to in the chip.  (But
hey, it's documented so it's not a problem, right? :)

You mentioned video, and we don't have that working on freebsd imx6 yet,
but there's not a ton of work to do.  There's a framebuffer driver for
imx5 and it has pretty much the same framebuffer hardware.  Getting
video output to a TTL LCD is probably just hours of work.  Getting it to
an LVDS LCD or HDMI probably needs days of work (entire drivers written,
potentially, I haven't looked into it).

Some audio support was recently committed, but I don't know much about
it yet.

-- Ian

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