I'm at a hotel in Bruxelles right now, and the cordially provided free
wireless is a lot less useful than it can be, because my FreeBSD box
can't seem to do DNS lookups on it.

It's one of those "captive portal" kind of things where you get a
DHCP reply with a DNS server which lies to you until you agree to
the T&C on a web-page.

But the point is I never get to the webpage, local_unbound just doesn't
seem to be able to resolve anything through the DHCP appointed server,
despite the fact that dig(1) does so just fine.

I have no idea what goes wrong or why it goes wrong, local_unbound does
not seem to record anything in syslog about failures.

I'm here for a couple of days (as are, I belive, another couple of
FreeBSD people) in case anybody has any ideas to try...

Input welcome...

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