On 01/31/15 01:11, Miguel Clara wrote:
> On the laptop I'm running current, if relevant
> Loading acpi_video doesn't do much....  I don't see any sysctl related to
> "lcd0" or "birightness", this is one of those computers with "hybrid"
> graphics, intel + ATI card, so not sure if that's somewhat related.
> Anyway, I've just tested the drm patches (both) and intelbacklight (
> https://github.com/grembo/intel_backlight_fbsd) compiles, installs and runs
> fine!
> So thanks both for the patches.

You might be interested in my newest patch to add backlight control to
sysctl. It's probably better for everyone (imo) that backlight control
is integrated into the driver and accessible via sysctl, so it works the
same way for everyone.

Look for the subject "Re: Questions on adding backlight support for the
i915 driver" from me and you'll find the patch. I am curious if it works
for you.

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