I have some plans to improve the opencrypto framework in FreeBSD later
this year.  This will require invasive changes to the various drivers.
So, I'd like to line up hardware/volunteers before then.

If you would like to see your hardware tested and verified to work
with the new changes, please contact me w/ either a donation of
hardware, money to purchase hardware, or if you have hardware, that
you volunteer to test changes.

I currently have the following hardware:

I do not have the following hardware:
padlock (VIA C3, C7 and Eden)
cesa (Marvell, missing man page)
glxsb (AMD Geode LX, such as Sokris Net5501, missing man page)
safe (SafeNet)
sec (Freescale, missing man page)
cryptocteon (Cavium Octeon, missing man page)
nlmsec (mips/nlm/dev/sec/nlmsec.c, missing man page)
rmisec (mips/rmi/dev/sec/rmisec.c, missing man page)

  John-Mark Gurney                              Voice: +1 415 225 5579

     "All that I will do, has been done, All that I have, has not."
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