John-Mark Gurney <> writes:

> I have some plans to improve the opencrypto framework in FreeBSD later
> this year.  This will require invasive changes to the various drivers.
> So, I'd like to line up hardware/volunteers before then.
> If you would like to see your hardware tested and verified to work
> with the new changes, please contact me w/ either a donation of
> hardware, money to purchase hardware, or if you have hardware, that
> you volunteer to test changes.
> I currently have the following hardware:
> aesni
> I do not have the following hardware:
> hifn
> ubsec
> padlock (VIA C3, C7 and Eden)

I have a mini-ITX VIA C3 board (EPIA ML, fairly early model) sitting
around doing nothing. I could probably cobble together a power supply,
RAM, and so on to put around it as a testing system, but I'd be happy to
ship it to you if you'd like. It's a pretty nice board, actually; I'd
probably have turned it into a firewall by now if its support for SSDs
were a little better.

My home server has a Via C7, and I'd be happy to test on that if it can
be done without leaving the house without Internet access for days.

> cesa (Marvell, missing man page)
> glxsb (AMD Geode LX, such as Sokris Net5501, missing man page)

I think I've got access to a dev board with one of these chips. I
haven't seen it lately, but I'm sure I can dig it out if necessary.

> safe (SafeNet)
> sec (Freescale, missing man page)
> cryptocteon (Cavium Octeon, missing man page)
> nlmsec (mips/nlm/dev/sec/nlmsec.c, missing man page)
> rmisec (mips/rmi/dev/sec/rmisec.c, missing man page)
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