I'm still fighting with MinnowBoard...
When I set the network interface I get a bunch of "Memory modified
after free" messages.
If I wait long enough (a couple of minutes) I get a kernel panic.

Here an example with the dmesg (https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8657938)

I've tested it using 10.1-STABLE, same messages after ifconfig, but
the kernel panic is different.
Here a verbose example of it (https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8658082)

On 10, I see really often the value 0x3201c040 causing segmentation
fault (!), but I don't know where it comes from.

I'm still debugging it, but it could be that the init procedure of
re(4) cannot correctly stop the device (a normal Realtek 8168) and the
dma address are rewritten by receiving packets.

Has someone some tip/ideas?

thanks in advance for the help

Best regards,
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