(Apologies for google mail, I moved a while back and my office at home is
still not up and hence my regular FreeBSD machine at home is also not up.)

In Makefile.inc1 we have:

.if defined(DB_FROM_SRC)

which is fine as far as it goes, but then if ${LOCAL_MTREE} is defined we
have this:

.for _mtree in ${LOCAL_MTREE}
        mtree -deU -f ${.CURDIR}/${_mtree} -p ${WORLDTMP} > /dev/null

which omits the -N flag, even with DB_FROM_SRC set.  This means if a local
mtree file "wants" user and/or group names that are not on your build
system, but are in the new (but not yet installed anywhere) master.passwd
and/or group files, the build fails when prepping the worldtmp area.  Seems
like this should be "mtree ${MTREEFLAGS} ...", shouldn't it?

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