I have been having problems described below since March of 2014, but did not 
have much of an option other than to wait for gradual improvements. Considering 
that 11 is nearing official RELEASE, I would think these problems would be 
worth consideration. I'm posting in current rather than xorg, because if there 
were many others with these problems, it would have been brought up a long time 

1. PDF viewers fail to display pdf/ps files correctly. Many files get displayed 
as blank pages, and I can only get the pdf to display after closing/re-opening 
the file several times, or by repeatedly scrolling up/down past the seemingly 
blank page. Pages with an image have more problems than pages with text-only.

2. With the exception of Opera (which is out-dated), all remaining Browsers 
fail to display most web pages in a sane manner (Firefox, Seamonkey, Epiphany, 
Midori). Chrome is the worst because even with just a blank page it flickers, 
goes completely white, comes back as a partial image and sometimes locks X for 
1/2 second or so.
Problems with the other browsers usually have something to do with sites using 
php (rather than static content) and I have many problems with images being 
correctly displayed. Among the symptoms:
* Page phases out. Mouse-over or scroll up/down resets the display 
* PHP sites either loose track of last scroll point and jump appx one page up 
(example Facebook goes up 4-5 posts to what I just read and repeats action as I 
try to scroll down), OR they are only partially displayed and need to be either 
refreshed (F5) or up/down scrolling to get some kind of display 
* I get the same problem when trying to view an image, or a site with many 
images. The tab with the image displays one of: a black screen, a single color 
with vertical interference lines, or a mixture 
* As a result of all the above, logging in to sites, doing any transactions 
which require clicking buttons and check-boxes or filling text fields becomes 
extremely difficult.

3. In Gnome3, menu text is garbled (gnome3-text.png: 

4. Chromium causes other programs to mis-behave and display gets corrupted in 
the old Win-XP style (chrome-corruption.png: 

5. An update about a month ago is causing problems with /dev/ums0 on Desktop 
(not vt). When I move the mouse it sometimes gets stuck on a menu item of a 
program or an item on the Browser (for example a result in google search). I 
have to move the mouse and repeat the previous action in order to get it 
unstuck. Sticky lasts about 1/5 of a second.

6. Last week I was getting jpeg file corruption when doing simple processing 
(crop, rotate) in graphics/gthumb. Resulting file would have vertical 
interference lines. After updating the ports/packages yesterday I don't get 
that now. Probably unrelated, but worth mentioning.

+ Desktop is usually Fluxbox. Free Memory was 5 GB when screen shots were taken 
(not a low-mem issue).
+ GPU is RS880 [Radeon HD 4250], with loaded modules: drm2.ko, agp.ko, 
radeonkms.ko, radeonkmsfw_RS780_pfp.ko, radeonkmsfw_RS780_me.ko, 
+ These already in /etc/sysctl.conf:
#_Enhance shared memory X11 interface
#_Enhance desktop responsiveness under high CPU use (200/224)

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