On 06.02.2015 14:06, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> I just updated my -current to r278283, and unbound (still) croaks
> during bootup:


I have a similar problem. Also, unbound crashes each time I start/stop
OpenVPN. I suppose the problem is the same in both cases.

The crash happens in the config_lookup_uid() in
contrib/unbound/util/config_file.c. Here's the code:

    struct passwd *pwd;
    if((pwd = getpwnam(cfg->username)) == NULL)
        log_err("user '%s' does not exist.", cfg->username);
    cfg->uid = pwd->pw_uid;

getpwnam(3) returns NULL: an error message is logged but the function
doesn't return. Therefore, the program segfaults on "pwd->pw_uid" on the
next line.

But why did getpwnam(3) return NULL in the first place? It looks for the
"unbound" user which exists. getpwnam() calls _nsdispatch() which fails.

I have the default nsswitch.conf. I didn't look at the problem more
deeply yet, but could getpwnam()/_nsdispatch() be unhappy with the
absence of a working DNS resolver (unbound is being (re)started)?

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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