On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 01:06:03PM +0000, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> I just updated my -current to r278283, and unbound (still) croaks
> during bootup:
> Feb  6 13:00:54 critter dhclient: New Broadcast Address (wlan0): 
> Feb  6 13:00:54 critter dhclient: New Routers (wlan0):
> Feb  6 13:00:54 critter kernel: pid 515 (unbound), uid 59: exited on signal 11
> Feb  6 13:00:58 critter ntpd_initres[769]: host name not found: pool.ntp.org
> No core file...

You can get unbound to leave a core in /var/unbound by setting
kern.sugid_coredump=1 .  I found that sometimes (like on a hup and
sometimes when interfaces go up/down) unbound would crash, which I
tracked down to getpwnam() not having a /etc/pwd.db to use in the
chroot.  The latest version of unbound appears to have made a lot of
changes in that particular place, getpwnam() doesn't even appear in that
file anymore.

I submitted a bug report for the crash that I found, I don't know if
it's related to yours.

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