On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 08:56:00PM -0700, Ian Lepore wrote:
> How much time will this add to a build?

I did not keep the build log files from the initial universe build with
DEBUG_FILES enabled, so cannot yet provide a granular overview of the
build times at the moment unfortunately.  I will provide this next time
a heads-up about this merge is sent, since I will not be merging this
branch today.

This is the comparison of the resulting userland from 'installworld'.
Note, this does not take into account 'installkernel', since there is no
change there, that I can tell.

   Target              MK_DEBUG_FILES=yes  MK_DEBUG_FILES=no
   amd64/amd64:              400M                257M
   arm/arm:                  317M                206M
   arm/armeb:                262M                185M
   arm/armv6:                316M                205M
   arm/armv6hf:              316M                205M
   i386/i386:                325M                208M
   mips/mips:                276M                195M
   mips/mips64:              282M                200M
   mips/mips64el:            280M                198M
   mips/mipsel:              277M                195M
   mips/mipsn32:             273M                194M
   pc98/i386:                321M                207M
   powerpc/powerpc:          285M                198M
   powerpc/powerpc64:        362M                250M
   sparc64/sparc64:          277M                195M


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