On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 04:30:58PM +0000, Glen Barber wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 08:56:00PM -0700, Ian Lepore wrote:
> > How much time will this add to a build?
> > 
> I did not keep the build log files from the initial universe build with
> DEBUG_FILES enabled, so cannot yet provide a granular overview of the
> build times at the moment unfortunately.  I will provide this next time
> a heads-up about this merge is sent, since I will not be merging this
> branch today.
> This is the comparison of the resulting userland from 'installworld'.
> Note, this does not take into account 'installkernel', since there is no
> change there, that I can tell.

Sigh.  The previous numbers were wrong, because I used 'du -hs' instead
of 'du -hsA' on a lz4-compressed ZFS dataset.  The corrected numbers

 Target              MK_DEBUG_FILES=yes  MK_DEBUG_FILES=no
 amd64/amd64:               647M               374M
 arm/arm:                   465M               270M
 arm/armeb:                 351M               232M
 arm/armv6:                 463M               266M
 arm/armv6hf:               462M               266M
 i386/i386:                 477M               274M
 mips/mips:                 414M               279M
 mips/mips64:               458M               307M
 mips/mips64el:             458M               307M
 mips/mipsel:               414M               279M
 mips/mipsn32:              406M               276M
 pc98/i386:                 470M               272M
 powerpc/powerpc:           386M               252M
 powerpc/powerpc64:         566M               368M
 sparc64/sparc64:           409M               262M


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