> On Feb 18, 2015, at 4:41 PM, Xin Li <delp...@delphij.net> wrote:
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> On 02/18/15 15:18, Davide Italiano wrote:
>> Hi, one of the first things I do when I install FreeBSD is to
>> switch the default PAGER from more(1) to less(1). This is
>> particularly convenient, e.g. while using git diff, to show
>> something more readable. Just out of curiosity, is there a reason
>> why more(1) is still the default, and/or is this just historical?
> The _only_ reason that I can think of is that more(1) does not clear
> screen for certain terminals (done with 'ti' and 'te' sequences),
> while less(1) when running as less does.
> The less(1) behavior can be annoying to some people (sometimes even
> myself when using less to show contents of a file and ^Z to paste
> them), and unfortunately quite a few of them also happen to be the
> more vocal ones when it comes to a change.
Being one of those people who strongly prefer using more, I vote
against this change.  Also, it is easier to scroll back in a terminal
window using more.  Every system I use, if it defaults the PAGER
to less, I change it to more.

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