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On 2/18/15 3:41 PM, Xin Li wrote:
The _only_ reason that I can think of is that more(1) does not clear
screen for certain terminals (done with 'ti' and 'te' sequences),
while less(1) when running as less does.

The less(1) behavior can be annoying to some people (sometimes even
myself when using less to show contents of a file and ^Z to paste
them), and unfortunately quite a few of them also happen to be the
more vocal ones when it comes to a change.
I find that behaviour infuriating

I page down to a place to get some text on the screen to use as  a
reference, then exit to run a command with that information, and *bam*
the info I wanted to use has gone away.
Indeed. Quite annoying.
I just had an interesting thought after reading most of this
Theoretical, mind you. But would it be remotely possible to
[in (t)csh(1)] choose a pager on-the-fly (dynamically)?
In other words; bind keys to a chosen pager;

^M switches to more(1)
^L switched to less(1)

I've done no *actual* research [yet] but just thought
I'd bring it up. As it seemed worth a shot, as it would
satisfy *anyone's* need. :)

Not as annoying as people who don't search the web for an answer for things.

~ % export PAGER="less -X"

everyone please stop crying over small changes, it really sucks.

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