Bezüglich Kenneth D. Merry's Nachricht vom 19.02.2015 01:13 (localtime):
> I have updated the patches.
> I have removed the XPT_DEV_ADVINFO changes from the patches to head, since
> I committed those separately.
> I have (hopefully) fixed the build for the stable/10 patches by MFCing
> dependencies.  (One of them mav did for me, thanks!)
> Rough draft commit message:
> The patches against FreeBSD/head as of SVN revision 278975:
> And (untested) patches against FreeBSD stable/10 as of SVN revision 278974:


thank you very much for your work!
Last sa(4) overhaul (with 10.0 I guess) was a great success and I highly
appreciate your work on tape support for FreeBSD!
I compiled your 10-stable patchset for one machine with LTO2 and DDS5
drives, but haven't done much testing since I'll replace the adaptec
(39160) because it's maxio is limited to 64k (while 53c1020 has 128k).
sa(4) seems to work just fine with both drives, mt(1) showing "Reported
File/Record Number" :-) No EOM tests done so far…

I'll archive zfs streams, therefore I needed some kind of forward error
correction. Probably people following this thread also have found to
need this, therefore I'd like to point to the new port misc/vdmfec
Perhaps someone want's to take this bug report.



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