[[ I know this is a bit stale, but this is a dangerous notion ]]

> On Feb 25, 2015, at 1:11 PM, Garrett Cooper <yaneurab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I was going to propose something a bit more radical — I can remove the 
> BOOTSTRAPPING conditionals and simplify the code on 10-STABLE / 11-CURRENT.
> Maintaining BOOTSTRAPPING is error prone and it’s not saving much time in the 
> long run in builds (it's taking longer to diagnose issues, test them, and 
> commit fixes which will break at a later date). I’ve been bitten by this once 
> because I don’t run ancient CURRENT/STABLE (r279198) and here are a couple 
> follow up commits bumping tools versions in the past (e.g. r278975, r269662, 
> etc).
> Just a thought.

It’s a terrible thought. We’ve done the bootstrapping thing for 15 years with 
very few
bumps and biting. No need to ditch it because lately we’ve been updating yacc
more often w/o bumping the revision.

Don’t remove it. There was more blood on the floor before we had it than after. 
documents how far back in time we try to support. Sure, things get missed, but
it isn’t always clear why we have things in the bootstrap tools. Having them
documented this way makes it clear.


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