Bez├╝glich Kenneth D. Merry's Nachricht vom 19.02.2015 01:13 (localtime):
> I have updated the patches.
> I have removed the XPT_DEV_ADVINFO changes from the patches to head, since
> I committed those separately.
> I have (hopefully) fixed the build for the stable/10 patches by MFCing
> dependencies.  (One of them mav did for me, thanks!)
> Rough draft commit message:
> The patches against FreeBSD/head as of SVN revision 278975:
> And (untested) patches against FreeBSD stable/10 as of SVN revision 278974:


on 26/02/2105, r278964 seems to be part from the sa_changes patchset.
Do you have a sa_changes.stable_10.20150226 ready?
Or is it just a matter of exluding all parts, comitted with r278964 
from the patchset?
I've done so in the mean while:

Noticed that in sys/dev/mps/mps_sas.c 'cdai.flags' gets conditionally
(#if __FreeBSD_version >= 1100061) the new "CDAI_FLAG_NONE", while in
sbin/camcontrol/camcontrol.c, this is unconditionally used. Haven't
really looked at the code, mostly because my skills wouldN#t allow me to
answer this qusteion myself, but is that versioncheck in mps_sas.c still
vaild with the rest of the sa_driver-changes?



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