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Jean-S'ebastien P'edron <dumbb...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> Hi!
> Here is a new patch to based on HEAD r279508:
>     https://people.freebsd.org/~dumbbell/graphics/drm-update-38.i.patch
> You can apply it to a Subversion checkout using the following command:
>     svn patch drm-update-38.i.patch
> There are few changes:
>     o  The panic reported by J.R. Oldroyd is fixed, but not the CP
> init problem.
>     o  A lock assert was added, suggested by Konstantin Belousov
> I had several panics ("Stray timeout") with a taskqueue used by TTM,
> but it didn't occur in the past 6 days. Maybe it was a problem
> outside of DRM.
> I would like people to test again and report :) If something fails,
> please post a full dmesg, taken after loading the relevant *kms
> module, or the core.txt.$N file if it's a panic.
> Hans Petter and Ed, I couldn't reproduce neither of your problems
> (HDMI hotplug events storm and VT-switch misbehaviour). However, they
> both involve callouts, like the "Stray timeout" panic I had with TTM.
> I suspect there was a transient problem with callouts in HEAD at the
> same time. Could you please test again with this patch and a very
> recent HEAD?
> Thank you to everyone!
> -- 
> Jean-S'ebastien P'edron

Just as a data point, 'stray timeout' happens in clean -current without
new patch as well. So whatever that is, it is not caused by the patch.

Alexander Kabaev

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