Is it only me that ever compiles LINT? The checksum changes went in a
few days ago.

Please, people, when you move code around or change a function that is
used in more than a fixed set of files, compile LINT. If unsure, compile
LINT. It's an extra five minutes, but well worth it.

linking kernel
fil.o: In function `fr_tcpsum':
fil.o(.text+0xf47): undefined reference to `in_cksum'
ip_fil.o: In function `send_reset':
ip_fil.o(.text+0xd7d): undefined reference to `in_cksum'
ip_fil.o: In function `ipfr_fastroute':
ip_fil.o(.text+0x10f1): undefined reference to `in_cksum'
ip_fil.o(.text+0x1316): undefined reference to `in_cksum'
ip_fil.o(.text+0x1380): undefined reference to `in_cksum'
ip_mroute.o(.text+0x19d6): more undefined references to `in_cksum'

I just couldn't be bothered to fix it.

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