On 22 Mar 2015, at 23:04, Garrett Cooper <yaneurab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mar 22, 2015, at 15:01, Craig Rodrigues <rodr...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> ...
>> OK, converting expr.y to use unsigned integers would require a bit of work.
>> Can you commit your patch to the Makefile?  It fixes the problem for now.
> +1
> I’d still like to know why clang 3.5 doesn’t have this behavior though — 
> there might be other potential issues lurking around that need to be solved 
> (either here, in ports, or both).

Because this version optimizes better around undefined behavior.  There
are most likely many issues lurking around, and most certainly in ports.

I would recommend using UBSan to tackle this kind of thing.


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